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Mohammed Sadat Abdulai
Mohammed Sadat Abdulai
Community Communications Manager Wikidata/Wikibase, Wikimedia Deutschland
Wikidata is Awesome :)

About me

Hi, I am Mohammed and I am from Tamale, Ghana. I joined Wikimedia Germany in April 2020 as Community Communications Manager for Wikibase.

My work

I joined the Software Department as a member of the Community Communications team to promote engagement with Wikidata/Wikibase by connecting users and supporting community initiatives. One way we can ensure that the software development for Wikibase is community-centric is to nurture clear and open communication between the software development team and the communities using and contributing to the software. I work hand-in-hand with the Software Department to relay feedback between Wikimedia online communities / various community volunteers and our product managers, software developers, UX team and partnerships team.

Disclaimer: This account is used for my work for Wikimedia Germany. My personal account is User:Masssly.

Contact me

Send Mohammed an Email mohammed.abdulai(_AT_)

Phabricator Mohammed Sadat (WMDE) Reach Mohammed on Telegram (_AT_)masssly

Other people you can contact about

◘ Wikidata & Wikibase development roadmap and strategy: Lydia Pintscher & Evelien Zandbergen
◘ Wikidata community Engagement Coordinator: Léa Lacroix
◘ Wikibase & Wikidata partnerships: Georgina Burnett, Alan Ang & Elena Aleynikova

Join Wikibase community: mailing-list, Telegram group

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