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This bot listens two streams:

  1. recentchange
  2. page-links-change

For every edit, the bot excludes certain namespaces, then checks if the user is new, is not a vandal, and could need help:

  1. Less than 100 edits (or anonymous)
  2. ORES good faith score equal or greater than 0.3
  3. The edit hasn't been undid
  4. The edit is not an undo or a manual restore
  5. The user is not a bot

The bot checks if some "rules" (common errors) are triggered.

Rule Description Notes
DISAMBIGUATION a link to a disambiguation page has been added in ns0
LINKFILE added link to instead of including images via [[File:]] Custom VE message
CITEWEB added "naked" link reference, without {{Cite web}} template Not needed on every wiki
WRONGREF copy-pasted references (writing directly [1] or [2] Custom VE message
SECTIONLINK Wikilink in section title Not every wiki has this rule
EXTLINK external links out of "External links" sectiom Not every wiki has this rule
LINKCAT Links to ns0 added directly inside a category Custom VE message
STANDARDSECTIONS Standard Sections in the wrong order Not every wiki has this rule
WRONGTRANSLATIONS Issues in translations due to automatic translators
TRANSLATEDPAGES Translated pages without {{Translated page}} template Not every wiki has this rule
PING Message with more than 20 characters in the newcomer's talk page without any {{ping}} or alternatives. Custom VE message
SIGN Message in a talk page without signing (previous edit on the page shouldn't be from this user)

The bot writes a message to the user containing information about every triggered rule. Some rules generates a different message if the user is using VE.