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Wikimedia Foundation Board Governance Committee/Agenda 2013-2014

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Leitmotif of the BGC’s work in this term is to ensure that the entire Board is able to concentrate on substantive discussions and provide it with necessary tools, while questions about processes, procedures and other time consuming side aspects are dealt and prepared in the committee.

Successor for Jan-Bart[edit]

As Jan-Bart shortened his term to one year by his own choice, we are looking for a successor to fill the seat at January 1, 2015.


Board skills grid[edit]

Analyse which skills are needed on the WMF Board and if the Boards meets that expectation. Define desired skills for the successor search.

responsible: Alice


Transparency continues to be an important topic for the Board and we see our responsibility to discuss options to improve it beyond the existing practices, such as publishing meetings agendas, minutes, and possible bylaw amendments.

BGC recognize this as an ongoing process and will entirely support the Board in increasing their transparency.

Review Bylaws[edit]

Bylaws review is part of the BGC’s tasks as set in the BGC. In coordination with Legal we discuss proposed changes and prepare adequate resolutions if necessary.


Best practices for movement organizations[edit]

As part of our due diligence for chapters and other affiliates we are thinking about a guide and checklist of best practices for movement organizations.


Postponed: Term limits[edit]

Term limits as an reiterating issue should be dealt with to come to a sustainable result. There were several voices that term limits should not be an issue for itself but nested in broader questions concerning the Board’s health in general, turnover, transition and members’ limits of engagement.

BGC decided to postpone this issue until 01/2016.

Postponed: Advisory Board[edit]

The Advisory Board is a pool of dedicated people which are able and willing to support the Board with their personal and professional experience and skills. After being constituted in 2007 the setup should be reviewed under the perspective of what could be improved.

BGC don't see an urgency but wants to come back to it later.

Close to realization: Board Blog Posts[edit]

BGC and several other members of the Board raised the idea of publishing Blog Posts by Board members, dealing with different Board related topics as general Board practices, governance issues, visions for WMF or our projects and others.

Bishakha is currently preparing a series of Blog Posts which we hope to start in December 2013.
Done January 2014; first blogs published, more to come