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Applications and modifications of mission statement

This proposal is regarded as inactive. It has not been voted on by the Board and is therefore not a resolution of the Wikimedia Foundation.

This proposal to modify the mission statement was created on 14 December 2005, but was never voted upon. It was eventually replaced by Resolution:Mission and Vision statements (April 2007).

Reference : Wikimedia:Mission statement as of 14th of december 2005.

The board of Trustees is dedicated in preserving the goals of the Foundation, stated in the Wikimedia:Mission statement.

Any modifications which could impact the current goals of the Foundation must be previously agreed by the board of Trustees. Within these modifications (non restricted list)

  • creation of a new project (to check if its goals are within the current mission statement)
  • any major modification of the goals of a specific Wikimedia project
  • modification or adoption of new licensing scheme for any project
  • any modification toward reducing the freedom of access to information (for example, making it mandatory to open an account or provide information to allow access to content)
  • any modification toward adding a cost to access the content (asking a payment for participation or access to content)
  • any modification toward inclusion of advertisements on the website
  • any development or use of non-free software to get the project running
    • we need another phrasing here probably, to pinpoint running the site, not to exclude using excel for financial statement, or ptt for presentations :-)
  • any decision aiming at largely excluding the development of project in certain languages
  • any decision aiming at largely exclude participation of a certain type of editors (including anonymous editors, or any decision relying on their sex, age, color, religion, political opinion etc... as long as they respect the general policies of the project)

In case of urgent need, the CEO of the project is allowed to bypass this obligation, but his decision must be confirmed by the board at the following meeting, and will be reverted if disapproved by the board.

Proposé par Anthere - 14 Décembre 2005

State : discussion. Will be proposed to next board meeting


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