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Wikimedia Quarto/2/Corrections

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General style guidelines:

  • Jimmy, not Jimbo
  • Anthere, after the initial introduction as Florence
  • Mav, after the initial introduction as Daniel
  • 100 USD, not $100 or US$100
  • Wikimedia Foundation, not Wikimedia Foundation Inc (for clarity)

Pg. 1[edit]

  • Remove ref to Brad Fitzpatrick.
  • Add thanks to contributors and translators!
  • Better description of the cover, above the Table of Contents
  • Modify the Staff list{{WQ-2-Stuff}}.

Pg. 2[edit]

Pg. 3[edit]

  • From "Administration" Gone with the Wiki has gone.
  • From "Administration" Jason at BomisJason (now not at Bomis and irrelevant here. See Wikimedia:Wikimedia Quarto/2/En-3)

Pg. 4[edit]

Pg. 5[edit]

Missing 2 LL:'s in CC vs GFDL, CC and WP

Pg. 6[edit]

At the end of In the Media : remove references to January news-items (link to the Signpost, etc), save for WQ 3.

Pg. 7[edit]

Pg. 8[edit]

  • Calendar: two dates have been fixed: PixelAche 14-17 April, LinuxTag (Karlsruhe) 22-25 June