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State of the article : Editing - Proofreading - Translating

The much awaited new statistics feature has been announced by Erik Zachte.

It took a couple of weekends to get the scripts up to date for the new database format. Current stats are generated from newest dump (March 9). You may have to refresh the page in your browser to see new stats (Ctrl-F5). The layout has been improved in some places (newest stats on top, language names in comparison tables).

New features:

  • Records counts per namespace: [1]
  • Percentage categorised articles (same url as above)
  • Hierarchical category trees per Wikipedia (some are huge!): [2]
  • Not entirely new but not yet advertised here:Index to all EasyTimeline charts

EasyTimeline charts are collected per Wikipedia and listed together with the script code. This may serve as a source of inspiration and help to learn the syntax. Also this can help to find real gems on other Wikipedias that deserve to be translated. Although starting a timeline from scratch is not completely trivial, expanding, correcting or certainly translating an existing chart is really where the plug-in earns its name.

Wikistats are now available for all Wikimedia projects.