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The polling station in Paris, France for the 2005 Iraqi elections; front entrance guarded by CRS riot police - Photo: David Monniaux

Walking in his neighborhood, Wikinews contributor Submarine noticed police setting up an Iraq polling place for the January 30 elections. He happened to have his camera with him, and took a few shots and went home to figure out what was going on in his community which he hadn't known about. His research resulted in the article "Iraqi elections kept low-key, but secure, in Paris".

Belizian protests, 21st January 2005

Spontaneous riots broke out in Belize in mid January in response to new government taxes, and nationwide strikes disrupted the country. A photographer contributor was on the scene and caught dozens of stunning moments in photos, and broke the story for international press on Wikinews. Unrest in Belize

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Fukuoka Building's shattered windows following the earthquake in Fukuoka on March 20, 2005.

Taking his cameraphone in hand, a Wikinews contributor hit the streets following a magnitude 7 earthquake just off the coast of Kyushu, Japan. His pictures of damage in the streets of Fukuoka City supplemented his original reporting from location. Powerful earthquake rocks southern Japan, tsunami warnings issued