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A page for summaries and links to interviews, and other features for the Wikimedia Quarto.


  • Ward Cunningham
  • Larry Lessig
  • (Nicholas Negroponte)
  • Queen Noor? Matshidiso Morkoka? (SA's CSIR)
  • Tracey Leger-Hornby, et al (PeopleSoft, NERCOMP, BrU. CIO); see also Colleen Wheeler)?
  • Koïchiro Matsuura (World Heritage, UN), Sadako Ogata, Ruud Lubbers? (both UN; cf. Dedalus) EU cultural guru?
  • Wendy Knopp (TfA)?
  • Michael Gurstein? Britannica brass?


For WQ 4 : an overview of Wikimania. A sidebar covering the keynotes and group sessions (tutorials, workshops, roundtables), and another on the planning calendar around the event. A number of images; blurbs about the parties, media & writing contest, radio coverage, documentary coverage (before and during), and the HdJ itself.


For anniv. iss? Old timers reflecting on the first 3-4 years of Wiki[pm]edia, and even the prehistoric days of Nupedia. Flashbacks to old interfaces, designs, and content workflows... screenshots, article titles, bits that are still around. Historic trolls, flamewars and forks, media coverage, brilliant prose, jokes.

Global communities[edit]

Coverage of MySpace, LiveJournal, &c; also TakingITGlobal and the like. A merge of Q&As with their founders and maintainers.