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Wikimedia Quarto/Print

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PDF editions[edit]

A rough PDF version of WQ 3 is available. A more refined one may be made; one will likely be made for each future edition as well. You can see some of LockeShocke's early drafts of pdf pages here: WQ 3-2, WQ 3-7 (when printed out, WQ 3 fits onto 16 A4 pages; each of these images shows a two-page spread).

You too can help with the PDF layout of the Quarto. It requires some creative input from someone in each language, as the length of columns and the positioning of headers will not be exactly the same in each (Ar, He, Ja, Ko, Zh, &c. would need special layout consideration).

  • General PDF layout (and En:) : Zanimum, LockeShocke
  • Other languages:

Print editions[edit]

See the old talk page for a discussion of the pros and cons of printing, what it would cost, etc. WQ #3, for instance, weighs in at 16 printed pages in 10-pt font with a half-inch gutter on all sides and a cover; copies could be printed and distributed within the US for under $1 an issue.