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There is an International style guide somewhere on meta which was intended for Quarto writers; here is a Quarto-specific style guide which should incorporate all of that and more.

International conventions[edit]

  • Hemispheres and seasons : seasons are not the same everywhere.
  • Time zones : use UTC for all dates and times.
  • Names : use the appropriate name for organizations and countries for the language in question. When there are multiple possible names in a given language (for instance, depending on which side of a debate you ask), make a note on the talk page about it.


  • Project neutrality
    Avoid giving any one project prominence over the others, when discussing the various efforts of the foundation. Large projects are also significant, in a sense; smaller projects need more attention; these more or less balance out.
  • Geographic neutrality
    Remember that not everyone is in the same hemisphere, that people in some parts of the world don't have four seasons but just "wet" and "dry" seasons; that not everyone grew up with the same histories of the world, or views of international affairs, or understandings of language/political divisions.
  • Political/organizational neutrality
    Avoid taking any stances towards events and changes. Even when they are directly related to one of the official foundation stances (for free licensing and distribution of information, for multilingualism, for openness and organizational transparency) try to maintain an objective and removed perspective.