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A Wiki War is what happens when two parties disagree about how a site should be managed, and these people spend vast quantities of time undoing eachothers changes, untill one backs down, or somebody gets banned.

Ways to avoid it[edit]

  • if you don't know if it's true or not, just leave it (with a small note possibly)
  • read faqs and style guides about the wiki you are using.
  • Know what the wiki you are on is used for
  • allow off topic pages to remain (nothing is entirely off topic)
  • move original wording down(keep it), or accept your own wording being on the bottom.
  • fork pages, and create a disambiguation page.

These are not fool proof. sometimes there are rabid moderators who don't see the connection between two items, and break navigation between the pages. Wiki War can be fun against these morons, just use a different computer to do it on! and, horror of horrors, you may be wrong... it's best to try for a compromise.

If there are namespace issues, and your page gets moved, create a #REDIRECT to the page, or disambiguation page, or a link to similar pages (at the TOP!) of the page, to help people find it.

What gets killed[edit]

Wiki wars are not pleasant! I did say that they were fun against certain morons, but, THERE ARE LOSSES ON BOTH SIDES. For one, I count my time, and my work as part of myself. When my work gets deleted, has it's meaning perverted, or gets isolated, I GET HURT.

I spend a lot of time, I get stressed out, plus, there is another soul out there not wanting to work with me, and I won't have access to that person's resources. When I WikiWar, I must remember not to attack the person, only the person's behavior (which is them.. oops), and their content.. (oops them again).. actually, a good fistfight might settle wiki war's better. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words persist forever.