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Wiki syntax is MediaWiki's simple text formatting used in writing wiki pages. See also Wikitext syntax.

For current state on things, see en:Wikipedia:How to edit a page.

This page is to suggest changes and enhancements.

Syntax Components[edit]

Syntax symbol key:

label:    ->    Definition label (lab)
' '       ->    All of list      (aof)
'|'       ->    One of list      (oof)
'*'       ->    Zero or more     (zom)
'+'       ->    One or more      (oom)
'?'       ->    Optional         (opt)
';'       ->    Definition end   (end)
"text"    ->    Literal          (lit)


   wiki:            wiki-item*;
   wiki-item:       line | b-quote;
   line:            section-line | list-line | space-line | indent-line | div-line
                      | free-line;
   section-line:    section endl;
   list-line:       list endl;
   space-line:      " " free-line;
   indent-line:     ":" free-line;
   div-line:        "----";
   free-line:       ...???


   section:         section-level ws? section-name ws? section-level;
   section-level:   "==" | "===" | "====";
   section-name:    ...???


   list:            p-list | d-list;
   p-list:          p-list-line+;
   p-list-line:     p-list-spec free-line;
   p-list-spec:     p-list-item+;
   p-list-item:     "*" | "#";
   d-list:          d-list-line+;
   d-list-line:     ";" d-list-item ":" d-list-defn endl;


   b-quote:         "<blockquote>" ws? free-line* ws? "</blockquote>";


   link:            "[[" link-item "]]" blend?;
   link-item:       page-spec | pipe-link | ns-link