Wikimania Committee/Minutes/2015-07-16

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  1. Orsola
  2. Iolanda Pensa (guest / appointed to committee as representative of Wikimania 2016)
  3. Florence
  4. Manuel
  5. Deror Avi
  6. James Forrester (Chair)
  7. Ellie Young (Secretary)


  • Revamp bidding process:
    • Define global areas / countries
    • Choose teams, define venues later
    • Distribute more of the common work to standing teams to relieve local teams
  • Next two years:
    • 2017 - Montreal (bids for years, good team, francophone which we never had)
    • 2018 - Cruise Ship (new concept, cheap if done right)
  • Next meeting: around August 20th, please fill in Doodle:

Todo before next meeting

  • propose global areas/countries : James
  • check with Montreal : Ellie