Wikimedia ZA Outreach Strategy 2021

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This page is a breakdown of the WikimediaZA's 5 years plan on how the Chapter aims to implement its Outreach activities to raise awareness about the Chapter, increase the number of new Wikipedia editors and number of South African languages on Wikipedia. Below is a list of the milestone in the number of languages we would like to reach by 2025

  • Afrikaans Wikipedia to reach 100 000 articles this year!
  • Zulu and Sepedi Wikipedias to reach 10 000 articles this year!
  • Isixhosa Wikipedia to reach 5000 articles this year!
  • 4 other South African indigenous languages (Sesotho, Xitsonga, Isiswati and Setswana) to reach 1000 articles this year!
  • Tshivenda WIkipedia to reach 500 articles this year!
  • Isindebele Wikipedia to be officially recognized and to reach 100 articles this year!
  • To get the Nama language wikipedia started!
List of Outreach Activities
Activity Commentary Status
Resource Mobilization & Income Generation We need to reach out to all potential donors who share our mission of free knowledge and request for funding and resources. We need to find ways to generate income for the chapter, this will help the chapter to not only rely on Wikimedia Foundation funding. Doing...
Copyright Ammendment Bill We need to lobby parliament to take-up the revision of the copyright amendment Bill with urgency, revise it as necessary and send it back to the president to be signed into law so that we can finally enjoy freedom of panorama in South Africa. This would allow wikipedia to amongst other things to host images of public commissioned works of art that are in public spaces such as the Mandela Statue in front of the Union Building, onto Wikipedia. Doing...
Hiring of the Executive Assistant Position This is key to making us organised and getting projects done. Done
Internship Programme We need to establish an internship programme which enhance the visibility of the chapter in the media, create employment opportunities and activate new users Done
Student Dissertations We need South African Universities that offer South African languages to adopt Creative Commons Licensing for all the Thesis and dissertations written in Indigenous languages so that we can also easily make these works available on Wikipedia’s sister project Wikisource. This would be a revolutionary way to build on the indigenous knowledge corpus. Pending