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When can a mobile application be accepted as official and be able to use the Wikimedia Foundation's Trademarks?

If you want to work on a new project aiming to become official take these criteria as a reference. As soon as you are ready to start, please propose your idea and ask any questions at the mobile-l mailing list. We might be able to save you time and work pointing you to the right direction.

However, if you do not want to use the Wikimedia Foundation's trademarks, these requirements do not apply.

Main criteria[edit]

  • 100% open source and free of charge.
  • No ads or commercial links.
  • Same user data policy as official apps.
  • Use of agreed user-agent for analytics.
  • Developed openly using Wikimedia infrastructure for code, documentation & bug management (GitHub as alternative is fine).
  • An official app does not already serve the same purpose on the same platform.
  • Parity of essential features with the official version.
  • UX integrated with the native OS.
  • Tested by the community with no major/blocker bugs.
  • Maintainers responsive to feedback / bugs.
  • Maintenance plan.
  • TBD: who publishes to the store.
  • TBD: criteria to revoke trademark / pull from store.


We are drafting a process and we will polish it based on real cases, as they come.

The final step is the signature via email of a contract between the developer and the Wikimedia Foundation, allowing the developer to use a specific name and logo.

After acceptance[edit]

Before actually using Wikimedia names/logos in your app, it is important to proactively let app markets know about the contract. On Google Play you can send the contract to reviewers at . Not doing so will result in the app getting suspended, or could even result in your developer account being deleted, which would mean losing your current userbase. So better be proactive and only submit the WMF-branded app update after the app market has acknowledged your special relationship with WMF.