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In the Product Development tab you will find resources and channels related to software development and technology. Find the right portals and channels below, and learn more about other ways you can get involved on the menu on the left.

Technical Collaboration

The Technical Collaboration group at the Wikimedia Foundation helps developers to build features in collaboration with our communities. We are organized in two teams based on primary audiences: Community Liaisons (editors) and Developer Relations (developers).

Questions by topic Where to get direct support
Editing tools:  Do you have questions about the visual editor?  Do you want to report a bug or share an idea about how to improve it?
Collaboration tools:  Do you have questions about Flow, the threaded discussion and workflow tool? Feedback page for Flow
Notifications:  Do you have questions about Notifications or "Echo"? Feedback on Notifications
Translations:  Do you want to help translate our software or documentation? Can you help improve incorrect or untranslated items on buttons or in other parts of the user interface on a wiki? Do you want to translate announcements and help pages for editors and other contributors? Introduction to Wikimedia translation
Volunteer development:  Do you want to become a volunteer developer? How to become a MediaWiki hacker
Report a bug: Is something not working as it should? You can do something about it by submitting a bug report. Read how to report a bug on
Tool Labs:  Do you want to run a project on Tool Labs?   Do you need a place to host a tool or bot that helps users maintain and use Wikimedia wikis?  Do you want access to and replicas of Wikimedia databases?
Design research:  Do you want to join user testing? Sign up as a research participant
Beta features:  Do you want to test new products?
Resources Staff who can give direct support
Technical Collaboration Guidance:  The TCG establishes best practices for inviting community involvement in the product development and deployment cycle.
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Community Wishlist Survey:  a survey for Wikimedia contributors to submit the fixes and improvements they would like to see in the Wikimedia platforms.
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Virtual and in-person events:  Monthly CREDIT meetings and the Mediawiki Hackathon are two separate series of events tailored for mediwiki developers.
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Wikimedia Product writes software for the Wikimedia movement. The Discovery team works on search functions and maps. The Editing team maintains the core editing tools, including the visual editor. The Reading team improves the experience for readers and casual contributors, especially on mobile platforms. The Community Technology team supports active editors through the Community Wishlist project.

See the Wikimedia Product portal for more details


Wikitech logo.svg

Wikimedia Technology maintains the technical infrastructure that is used by Wikipedia and other projects. In addition to operations and security, they also support research and the Tool Labs for community developers working on tools and bots that help users maintain and use wikis.

See Wikitech, the Wikimedia Technology wiki for more details