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Under Grants Support you will find grant programs supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, which every year offers more than two hundred grants to individuals, groups, and organizations working toward the Wikimedia Mission. In this tab, you will find specific grant programs for individuals, and for groups and organizations, as well as information about grants committees and grants impact reports.

Resource Staff who can give direct support
* Grants for individuals: Wikimedians can apply for travel and participation support, rapid project grants, and quarterly project grants.
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* Grants for organizations: Wikimedia organizations can apply to rapid project grants, quarterly project grants, conference and events grants, simple annual plan grants and FDC annual plan grants.
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* Grant committees: decisions about Wikimedia Foundation grants are a conversation between the grant candidate, the grant program officer and the grant program committee, a group of Wikimedians who assess the project on its potential impact and functionality with the Wikimedia projects. Anyone can join a grant committee!
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* Grants Impact Reports: How are grant programs working towards our shared vision? What impact are they having? In this section, you will find aggregate impact reports that look into each grant program, explaining what they achieve overall.
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