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Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/January 2016

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Activity report

January 2016

Wikipedia 15[edit]

Macedonia wordmark for Wikipedia 15
Macedonia wordmark for Wikipedia 15
American Corner Skopje at the National Library
Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts

To mark the 15th anniversary of the founding of Wikipedia (Wikipedia 15), Shared Knowledge held a series of events (see Wikipedia_15/Events/Skopje) in honour of this occasion. The second and important purpose of the events was to familiarise the public with the movement and its values, and invite them to participate.

15 January

Location: Concept 37 The birthday event (see images below) consisted of an evening programme of video viewing, talks and discussions, plus the celebratory Wikipedia cake. This included

  • A video on the impact of the movement in the world
  • Panel discussion of experienced community members, including a professor from our educational programme
  • Lecture on the possible impact of free and open knowledge economy
  • Music, cake and drinks
16 January

Location: American Corner Skopje

  • Educational seminar: "What is Wikipedia", "What is Wikimedia and the sister projects", "Basics of editing", "Activities of Shred Knowledge".

The Explore Wikipedia seminar was held in the American Corner adjacent to the National Library. Kiril Simeonovski and Toni Ristovski gave a talk about Wikipedia in general, its vision and mission, after which a presentation was held, explaining the basics of editing to the people attending. Lastly, they talked about the activities of Shared Knowledge and how to get involved. You can see the event gallery below. American Corner expressed an interest. American Corner Macedonia expressed an interest to generously host this kind of educational events in future. The participants received certificates of attendance and were encouraged to take further interest in our activities.

17 January

Location: Online event on mk.wiki

  • Editing day: Community group editing on a topic.

Although organised within the Wikipedia 15 celebrations, Editing days are to be a regular feature of this year's activities. Each time, the community selects a topic it thinks neglected and needing covering, and proceeds to edit as many of the listed articles as possible within a 24-hour period. In January, the topic selected was Grand Viziers of the Ottoman Empire. A total of 50 articles were created.


Location: Library of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts

  • Edit-a-thon

See Edit-a-thon in honour of Wikipedia 15 below.

To follow in February

Location: City of Skopje and surrounding areas

  • Skopje Photohunt

A list has been drawn of areas that need to be covered in a photohunt in and around the City of Skopje that are important and part fo the national heritage, but have not been covered by images. They are meant to go in articles regarding these objects and places, as well as to serve as an inspiration for researching and creating new content.

Event galleries[edit]

Birthday event (15 June)[edit]

Explore Wikipedia Seminar (16 June)[edit]

Edit-a-thon in honour of Wikipedia 15[edit]

Editing on the first editathon held at the MANU Library
Books provided by the Library Staff used for editing articles on Wikipedia

This edit-a-thon was a part of a range of the activities to marking the 15th anniversary of the launch of Wikipedia (see more at: Википедија 15). and according to a prior preparations of the Wikimedian-in-residence at MANU and the employees at the Library it was scheduled to be held on 22 January. The event took place on Friday, 22 January, at the Library of MANU as a three-hour edit-a-thon dedicated to the topic Aegean Macedonia. The edit-a-thon was attended by 3 Wikipedia users - editors, and it was also attended by 2 students in philology from Poland who are studying a semester on exchange in Macedonia and they have presented their excellent knowledge of the Macedonian language. With the support of the library staff from the rich scientific library book fund were provided 30 books on various topics and areas related to Aegean Macedonia such as settlements, geography, dialects and accents, historical events and personalities of the Ilinden Uprising, National Liberation War during WWII and the Greek Civil War of which on Wikipedia in Macedonian language were edited a total number of 26 articles of which 15 created and 11 significantly improved. This was the first such event for editing Wikipedia in Macedonian language, which is held in the library of the Academy, that will continue to be open with its rich book fund for future editing the Wikipedia articles with accurate, reliable and scientifically proven data, facts and information of all sciences and arts.

Wikipedia 15 in the Media[edit]

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