Wikimedia meetings/2006-02-11

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A follow-up meeting was held on Saturday, February 11, 2006 at the same time (21:00 UTC) on the IRC channel #wikimedia-meeting on which can be accessed on the web via [1] or in the normal way using an IRC client.

Suggested topics:

  • scope of work for each committee
  • committee procedures
    • need for subcommittees and procedures to create them
    • membership procedures, multilingual membership
    • decision-making processes
    • roles within committees: chair, member, advisor
  • confidentiality, responsibility, liability.
    • ways to deal with confidential information :
      should (all) committee members have access to the internal wiki?
      should the Board need to approve every account on internal?
    • interaction and communication between the committees and to the Board
    • legal liability of committee and their members
  • multilingualism : see 'multilingual membership'
  • specific group/committee questions
    • role of the research network and how this fits in with committees

Two channels were used Logs:

  • #Wikimedia-meeting [2]
  • #wikimedia-execcom [3]

The next meeting will be in 3 weeks (roughly March 4th or 5th). To be announced here.

may i plead for the meeting to be on a sunday please? os car 23:05, 13 February 2006 (UTC)