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Wikipedia Asian Month 2015/Qualified Editors/No Response

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This is the list of users that we have not received their response on address collection survey (we also did not receive many addresses from people who said he/she submitted).

To submit you address, please use this new survey. Deadline will be March 20th, 2016.

  1. User talk:অজয় দাস as.wikipedia.org
  2. User talk:Enver62 az.wikipedia.org
  3. User talk:Fredo90 az.wikipedia.org
  4. User talk:Rutulec az.wikipedia.org
  5. User talk:Zaur Turan(1994) az.wikipedia.org
  6. User talk:Pino~eowiki eo.wikipedia.org: only email
  7. User talk:Sliwinski eo.wikipedia.org
  8. User talk:Hê de tekhnê makrê es.wikipedia.org: no address
  9. User talk:Taichi es.wikipedia.org
  10. User talk:EileenSanda fo.wikipedia.org
  11. User talk:A. R. Bhatt gu.wikipedia.org
  12. User talk:Alphajet id.wikipedia.org
  13. User talk:Ayie7791 id.wikipedia.org
  14. User talk:Dhevan Safa id.wikipedia.org
  15. User talk:PecintaKpop id.wikipedia.org
  16. User talk:Vanny Zhang id.wikipedia.org
  17. User talk:Iwan Novirion id.wikipedia.org
  18. User talk:Akiyama(tentative) ja.wikipedia.org
  19. User talk:Asanagi ja.wikipedia.org
  20. User talk:Moke ja.wikipedia.org
  21. User talk:Akiyama(tentative) ja.wikipedia.org
  22. User talk:廣瀬_将則 ja.wikipedia.org
  23. User talk:Tulsi Bhagat mai.wikipedia.org
  24. User talk:बिप्लब आनन्द mai.wikipedia.org
  25. User talk:Akbarali ml.wikipedia.org
  26. User talk:Amalendu Nambiyar ml.wikipedia.org
  27. User talk:Sidheeq ml.wikipedia.org: no address
  28. User talk:Chittranjan Ezhuthachan ml.wikipedia.org
  29. User talk:Sumeshtmala ml.wikipedia.org
  30. User talk:bichumannar ml.wikipedia.org
  31. User talk:സെനിൻ_അഹമ്മദ്-എപി ml.wikipedia.org
  32. User talk:Atomboy ru.wikipedia.org
  33. User talk:Bgelo777 ru.wikipedia.org: only email
  34. User talk:Jetgun ru.wikipedia.org
  35. User talk:Tsoytimofey ru.wikipedia.org
  36. User talk:Villarreal9 ru.wikipedia.org
  37. User talk:Kuchaai sah.wikipedia.org
  38. User talk:Randeerjayasekara si.wikipedia.org
  39. User talk:Anbumunusamy ta.wikipedia.org: only email
  40. User talk:Mayooranathan ta.wikipedia.org
  41. User talk:Parvathisri ta.wikipedia.org: only email
  42. User talk:தமிழ்க்குரிசில் ta.wikipedia.org
  43. User talk:Mayooranathan ta.wikipedia.org
  44. User talk:arulghsr ta.wikipedia.org: only email
  45. User talk:T.sujatha te.wikipedia.org: only email
  46. User talk:kvr.lohith te.wikipedia.org: only email
  47. User talk:Meena gayathri.s te.wikipedia.org
  48. User talk:Taweetham th.wikipedia.org
  49. User talk:PakpongICCH444 th.wikipedia.org
  50. User talk:Oleksandr Tahayev uk.wikipedia.org
  51. User talk:Romanbibwiss uk.wikipedia.org
  52. User talk:Миколка Когутяк uk.wikipedia.org
  53. User talk:Tuanminh01 vi.wikipedia.org
  54. User talk:Namnguyenvn vi.wikipedia.org
  55. User talk:Meracritus zh-yue.wikipedia.org
  56. User talk:Carrotkit zh.wikipedia.org
  57. User talk:Gakmo zh.wikipedia.org
  58. User talk:Liu116 zh.wikipedia.org
  59. User talk:Ws227 zh.wikipedia.org
  60. User talk:hanteng zh.wikipedia.org
  61. User talk:4meter4 en.wikipedia.org
  62. User talk:Athomeinkobe en.wikipedia.org
  63. User talk:Curly Turkey en.wikipedia.org
  64. User talk:H. Humbert en.wikipedia.org
  65. User talk:Micromesistius en.wikipedia.org: no address
  66. User talk:Tigerboy1966 en.wikipedia.org
  67. User talk:Zanhe en.wikipedia.org
  68. User talk:Charan Gill pa.wikipedia.org
  69. User talk:Rupika08 pa.wikipedia.org
  70. User talk:Gurbakhshish chand pa.wikipedia.org: only email
  71. User talk:Nitesh Gill pa.wikipedia.org
  72. User talk:Wikilover90 pa.wikipedia.org
  73. User talk:Lahariyaniyathi kn.wikipedia.org