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Wikipedia Asian Month 2015/Participants

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Please sign your name here if you participate in the Wikipedia Asian Month on any language version of Wikipedia.
If you are willing to organize this event on your local Wikipedia, please also sign your name up at Wikipedia Asian Month/Organizers to receive updates.

Afrikaans Wikipedia[edit]

Albanian Wikipedia[edit]

Avar Wikipedia[edit]

Azerbaijanian Wikipedia[edit]

South Azerbaijanian wikipedia[edit]

Bashkir Wikipedia[edit]

Belarusian Wikipedia[edit]

Bengali Wikipedia[edit]

Bikol Sentral Wikipedia[edit]

Bulgarian Wikipedia[edit]

Central Kurdish Wikipedia[edit]

Gilaki Wikipedia[edit]

Cantonese Wikipedia[edit]

Chinese Wikipedia[edit]

English Wikipedia[edit]

Esperanto Wikipedia[edit]

Faroese Wikipedia[edit]

Farsi Wikipedia[edit]

French Wikipedia[edit]

Georgian Wikipedia[edit]

German Wikipedia[edit]

Gujarati Wikipedia[edit]

Hebrew Wikipedia[edit]

Hindi Wikipedia[edit]

Indonesian Wikipedia[edit]

Japanese Wikipedia[edit]

Kannada Wikipedia[edit]

Korean Wikipedia[edit]

Ladino Wikipedia[edit]

Maithili Wikipedia[edit]

Malay Wikipedia[edit]

Malayalam Wikipedia[edit]

Marathi Wikipedia[edit]

Mazandarani Wikipedia[edit]

Nederlandstalige Wikipedia[edit]

Odia Wikipedia[edit]

Punjabi Wikipedia[edit]

Polish Wikipedia[edit]

Russian Wikipedia[edit]

Sakha Wikipedia[edit]

Sanskrit Wikipedia[edit]

Sindhi Wikipedia[edit]

Serbian Wikipedia[edit]

Sinhala Wikipedia[edit]

Spanish Wikipedia[edit]