Wikipedia Asian Month 2017/Position Description

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Rough total hours: 700 hours; This page is intended to describe the appox. time to run a basic structure of the Wikipedia Asian Month. The work hours listed here is only a reference, which could be more or less in the actually practise.

Project Manager[edit]

Minimum voluntary hours
60-70 hours/ month
  • Supervising other team member's work (0.5-1 hour/day)
    • Connecting the resource with member
    • Assisting members when needed, especially in larger/major problems
    • Make sure the entire project running smoothly
  • Event development (10 hours total)
    • Develop many events that can be held in different communities, rules and reward
    • Postcard Design, event page design
  • Check progress in each community (0.5 hour/day)
    • Make sure all communities has finished the translation of the event page in time, and providing assistance
    • Locating more local organizers to make sure each community is not rely on one person
  • Website management (0.5 hour/day)
    • Routine maintenance
    • Keep the website update
  • Communication (1 hour/day)
    • Maintain the mailing list, task management tool
    • Make sure problems are properly assigned or solved

Outreach Manager[edit]

Minimum voluntary hours
30-50 hours/ month
  • Contacting Wikimedia communities from all kinds of ways, especially smaller communities. Looking for potential WAM activities. (0.5 hour/day in September and November, 1 hour/day in October)
    • Leave message on active admin/editors talk page
    • Find introducer who knows the community
    • Design WAM activities for each community (Main event, offline event, training camp etc)
    • Reporting the actions and progress
    • Assisting the grant application for local communities if needed (extra 0.5-1 hour/ application)
  • Outreach to institutions, colleges and enterprises for potential cooperation (1 hour/week in September and October, 0.5 hour/week in November)
    • Photo exhibition (Photos from all kinds of photo events in Asia, not just WAM events)
    • Cooperation with local communities (editing event etc)
    • Sponsorship (souvenir, marketing assistance etc)
    • Reporting the actions and progress
  • Meeting and other work (1 hours/week)

Media Manager[edit]

Minimum voluntary hours
around 50-60 hours/ month
  • Keeping the twitter, facebook page updated every day from October to November, and every week in September, December, January, February. (1 hour/day)
    • Posting event information, rules update, fun moment, interesting articles and good pictures.
    • Reposting other account's post that related with Wikipedia Asian Month
  • Publicity (1 hour/day in October and November, 2-4 hours/week in September and December)
    • Write a formal media release at before, beginning and end of the WAM
    • Contact media platform at all kinds to spread the information about the Wikipedia Asian Month
    • Assisting any media demand from the local communities
    • Interviewing some local organizers and active contributors in the event
  • Reporting, communication, and meeting (2 hours/ week)

Community Manager[edit]

Minimum voluntary hours
50-70 hours/month
  • Monitoring WAM communities (0.5 hour/day in October and November, 1.5 hours/day in November)
    • Watchlist all event and talk pages of in all WAM communities, answer question if not being answered by local organizers in 3 days if possible (can understand the question by translation)
    • Answering questions posted to the international team (meta, mail, chat)
  • Send update (1.5 hours/week)
    • Update the Q&A page for latest information
    • Send updates of the WAM to organizers (by MassMessage, or by talk page)
  • Provide Assistance (1-2 hours/day)
    • Help the organizers and participants to solve the problem/question with other team members
    • Judging articles that are not judged after 5th December, if local organizers do not finish it.