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Photo by Ellis Christopher, licensed CC BY.

I've been a Wikipedian and Wikimedian since 2006. More about me on my English Wikipedia page.

Activities on Meta Wiki[edit]

My projects on or relating to Meta Wiki have been:

Ongoing/back burner projects[edit]

  • Gender gap: I'm concerned about the disparity between male and female contributors to our projects. I'm on the Gendergap email list, and often on the IRC chat channel. I do my best to put in effort when good ideas come up.
  • WikiPods: Frank Schulenburg, my former boss at the Wikimedia Foundation, started this page to collect ideas for small, local outreach projects. I've done a lot of this sort of work, and will try to keep building this page as time permits.
  • /Customer service: Trying to think through how our excellent customer service team presents itself to Wikimedians and readers. Your input welcome.
  • I've done a fair amount of work on the Outreach wiki as well, which is closely related to my work here on Meta.
A Wikimedian at work: Asking permission to publish a photo of a highway worker on Wikipedia.

Past projects[edit]

Interesting pages[edit]

  • Planet Wikimedia: A great place to find blogs by Wikimedians and Wikipedians.
  • Meta's "Public speakers" page: I've done many presentations on Wikipedia, and enjoy doing them. But I stay off this list -- in the absence of any meaningful guidelines about who can be listed there and how, I don't think it's useful, and would rather not be listed there.
  • Foundation wiki feedback: This is a good page to monitor, and a good resource for offering feedback.
  • IRC office hours: These IRC discussions can be fun, informative, and a good opportunity to connect with other Wikipedians and Metamedians.
  • Foundation reports Monthly reports from WMF, as well as Board meeting minutes, etc.