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Wikimedia Azerbaijan
Map of Azerbaijan
Map of Azerbaijan
Country code AZ
Official language(s) Azerbaijani
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Wikimedia Azerbaijan is a local chapter in discussion phase. A local chapter is a local organization to promote Wikimedia projects and empower knowledge, educative content creation and share, in a geographical area, in this case, in Azerbaijan.

Its mission is to support and spread all Wikimedia projects in the country. It can represent the Wikimedia projects to the press, give conferences and presentation in public events. Current state is investigation and discussion of possibilities to establish an NGO in accordance with the national laws.

The working language of Wikimedia Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani, with translation efforts to English.


This page created by group of Azerbaijani Wikipedians who are genuinely interested in promoting projects of Wikimedia Foundation in Azerbaijan. In last meeting of Azerbaijani Wikipedians was held in Baku (Azerbaijan) where Local Chapter creation issue had been discussed. Our mission is to effectively engage all sectors in Azerbaijan and encourage everyone to help develop online content, to periodically edit on Wikipedia and promote the use of free online resources of the Wikimedia Foundation to develop the lives of every individual.


Nowadays, we feel strong demand from academic community and enthusiastic people to participate in projects of Wikimedia Foundation (technical support, seminars, forums, trainings etc.). But in order to proceed faster and with more confidence and to draw public attention we really need to be recognized as a local chapter.

We have already started to work. We hope that our action will be the start point in promoting wikimedia projects in Azerbaijan.

We publish in this page statute of Wikimedia Azerbaijan. Statute in english in translation progress.


  • See Wikimedia Azerbaijan statute (bylaw/azerbaijani)
  • NOTE: Statute in English in the translation process.

Communication means[edit]


See also: Wikimedia Azerbaijan/IRC

On the Freenode network, #wikimedia-az channel.

For start to hang up on Freenode: #wikimedia-az IRC-channel. There is also a webbased version.

Server:, channel: #wikimedia-az