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'142' was the nickname for anonymous editor Some believed them to be a later incarnation of 24, though 142 denied it. 142 was banned by Jimbo Wales after some claims of death threats over Maveric. 142 went on editing the English Wikipedia and Meta for many more months. He spent a long time on w:MeatballWiki. He may still be found on other wikis, such as Consumerium. It is believed that 142 or 24 brought many editors to Wikipedia.

Deleted from main page and misattributed to 24

Wikipedia-specific issues[edit]

Not tied to the etiquette, ethics, community, or culture questions, just things we truly have to decide in order to get along here and now.

The ideal Wikipedia board -- to decide governance issues like these:
Wikipedia board manual
recruiting editors
recruiting authors
Wikipedia4 features
Wikipedia4 timeline
Mention of wiki in articles
What wikipedia thinks it is (with some edits by other users)

Our now mutual friend has come to, um, play on MeatballWiki, and he is raving on about regime change at Wikipedia and how the situation will make itself clear by 2004. I'm not entirely sure what he's talking about most of the time, but I'm sure I should give you some heads up here that he's planning to cause serious trouble in the near future. -- User:SunirShah

He's already made his threats here, too. But thanks. ;-)