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historical pages 24.150.61.xxx
'24' was the nickname for anonymous editor 24.150.61.xxx. Some considered the user to be a troll, and believed that 24 moved to a new city and became anonymous editor 142, though 142 always denied this. It is believed 142 or 24 brought many editors to Wikipedia. 24 was banned by Jimbo Wales in spring 2002. 24 went on editing meta and the english wikipedia for many more months.

Stuff 24 wishes it wrote

WikipediAhimsa -- very highly recommended. 24

Wikipedia governance—inclusion, exclusion, and shared goals or fears

Status quo
Governance (24, others invited)
Visions (24 and others)
Threats (24 and others)
Best cases (24, others invited)
Worst cases (24 and others)
Governing Operational distinction (24, others invited)

Neutral Point of View (NPOV) discussion

Natural point of view (24 and mirwin, so far)
Does body philosophy exist (dialogue between 24 and no-body parties)
Value system (all invited)
Governing Ontological distinction (24, all invited)
NPOV as description, not prescription

Users, values, and how to spend our time

Value systems (all invited)
Vocabulary (24 and others)
Three billionth user (24 and others)
One billionth user (open)
Response to 24 (various people debating issues raised by 24)
Response to Stephen Gilbert (a page created by 24 in response to Stephen Gilbert's suggestion that arguing with 24 is not a wise use of time)

Some Wikipedians also believe that 142 is the same person, while others are doubtful. (142 denies it.)

What if 24 and 142 are not persons, but collections of people? Let's say some activist book store somewhere links from its own frequently-visited pages into some of the definitions found in the wikipedia. People who visit that bookstore sit down at the computer and browse the wikipedia; they may share a particular ideosyncratic view, so could appear as one person if you're not careful with your analysis.

Even a group of people sharing an unusual set of opinions have different writing styles. It is far harder than most people imagine to deviate from your own unique way of writing, even when the effort is conscious and careful. -- Stephen Gilbert