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Note: This proposal has been successfully incorporated into Wikisource. To those interested in the project, please contribute.

Many of the historical and literary articles in Wikipedia use the 1911 Britannica as the main source. A 1911 Wikipedia project would work to put the entire encyclopedia online in Wikipedia format. This would be an excellent source and support for Wikipedia articles. Current online 1911 editions are OCR scanned and thus of very poor quality. Our Wikipedia editors would be very effective in editing it.


The format for 1911wikipedia should be the same as the current Wikipedia with each article having its own page. Unlike the regular Wikipedia, 1911 Wikipedia would be edited only to conform with the actual printed form. Scanned pictures from the 1911 Britannica could also be added to any articles that have pictures. While anyone would be allowed to edit, once an article conformed to the printed edition and included any needed pictures there would be a partial lockdown of the article, although exceptions could be made for errors found later on, or if better scanned pictures are available.

The wiki edition of Gray's anatomy at http://www.wikimd.org/index.php?title=Gray%27s_Anatomy is an excellent example of how a book can be converted into wiki format including pictures.




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