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2016 Strategy/Combined strategy and annual plan timeline

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This table shows how the WMF 2016 strategy process timeline interacts with the WMF FY 2016-17 annual planning process.

Date Annual Planning Strategy Notes
1/7/2016 3 year revenue forecast Strategy Synthesis from Staff
1/11/2016 Pages up for translation
1/13/2016 C-level/department kickoffs
1/18/2016 Consultation launches
1/26/2016 Discuss overall opportunities and risks
1/30/2016 Preliminary findings for Board deck
2/4/2016 Core Activities budget & narratives draft from C-levels Consultation mid-check point & summary draft to C-level This gives 2 weeks to draft
2/5/2016 Review consultation mid-check point & summary with C-level
2/14/2016 Core Activities budget from Finance
2/15/2016 Consultation complete
2/19/2016 Core revisions complete from C-levels
2/25/2016 Metrics update
2/26/2016 Release synthesis
3/4/2016 Strategic Activities budget & narratives draft from C-levels Release strategic plan draft This gives 2 weeks to draft from consultation completion date.
3/10/2016 Strategic Activities budget from Finance
3/14/2016 Strategic Activities revisions complete from C-levels This gives 2 weeks to revise Annual Plan based on synthesis from release synthesis date
3/16/2016 Finance delivers 1st draft budget numbers to C-Levels
3/22/2016 C-Levels finalize 1st draft of Annual Plan
4/1/2016 Publish Annual Plan for Community and FDC input Release strategic plan document This gives 3 weeks to adjust plan after Strategic Plan draft is completed.
4/30/2016 CA and Communications monitor Community comments and circulate to appropriate C-Levels for responses.
5/16/2016 May 16 FDC Reviews the Annual Plan
5/20/2016 C-Levels review and integrate Community and FDC’s input into the Annual Plan This is 3 months after the strategic approaches were set