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@Wikipedia@wikis.world is a community-run Mastodon account. Our goal is to promote Wikipedia and free content on the Fediverse in a bottom-up manner. As with most wiki things, this is a continual work in progress.


If you want the account to post something:

The #Introduction post can be translated at /Introduction.


In general we follow the Wikis World Content guidelines. Any media needs alt text, and we will refrain from boosting posts that don't have it.

Content should be a mix of encyclopedic content (things in the news or featured or at DYK, etc.) and also behind-the-scenes details on how the content is being created. We will liberally boost Wikipedians who post about things.

Our goal is to be representative of all Wikipedias and not just English Wikipedia, but this largely depends on people from those projects helping with content. Non-English content is especially welcome.



The following people have access to the account, we can add more interested people as well.

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