Assume bad faith

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Here are a few things that, if you ever find yourself thinking them, are probably signs that you should take some time off away from edit wars.

  • "That editor who's supporting my opponent is either a puppet or a friend called in to help. After all, could more than one person oppose my natural good sense?"
  • "The other editor is only doing this because he hates me."
  • "That editor is a..."
    • "sockpuppet"
      • "...just like me."
    • "zealot"
      • "...just like me."
    • "cliquish POV pusher"
      • "...just like me."
    • "troll"
      • "...just like me."
    • "power-drunk admin"
      • "...just like me."
  • "This is the work of the Cabal!"
  • "That editor is tag-teaming to revert me."
  • "This is all to promote the ________ agenda!"
  • "That so-called 'fact' presented is just the author's POV. After all, truth is a whole, and on the whole, only I have the truth."
  • "Editors disagreeing with me must definitely be students following the college course How to disrupt Wikipedia."
  • "Filling a user's talk page with the word 'fuck' 800 times will persuade him to my point of view."
  • "That editor is gay!"
  • "If I compromise, they'll know it's a sign of weakness."
  • "Policy was misused against me, and even if it wasn't, the policy sucks."
  • "Everybody is wrong, crazy, retarded or all of the above. Except me."
  • "If all else fails, I'll complain to Jimbo. That'll shut them up."
  • "I can do whatever I want, even if policy goes against me."
  • "I know! I'll do the most trollish, evil, and/or assholish thing I can, because it'll be funny!"

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