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A resolution draft concerning the creation of the Board of WCA

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1. Hereby, the Council of Wikimedia Chapters Association, has decided to establish a board consisting of five council members, one of which will be the Chair of the Council ex officio.

The functions and rights of the Board[edit]

2.1. The Board, led by the Chair of the Council, will be assisting and supervising the Secretary General in his executive work, helping the Secretary General to fulfill the resolutions and achieve the goals set by the Council.

2.2. In the time between the meetings of the Council, the Secretary General will be reporting to and responsible before the Board.

2.3. In the case of a controversy, the Board has a right to suspend a decision made by the Secretary General until a vote by the Council has been arranged on the issue, if the Board has decided to do so by a vote of simple majority. The Council's resolutions are superior to and compulsory for the Board.

2.4. The Board is responsible before the Council and has to report to the Council as a whole.

Elections of the Board[edit]

3.1. The Chair of the Council belongs to the Board ex officio. It is his duty and right to lead it.

3.2. The other four Board members are elected on the general meeting of the Council, and will serve until the Council has decided to recall them, up to a term of one year.

3.3. After a member has served on the Board for a year, the Council has to arrange another election on its next general meeting, which might elect a new board member or reelect the previous one, whichever way the Council would decide.

3.4. In case a member of the Board should step down or leave their position for whatever reasons, the Council will elect a replacement in the general order of its resolution-making process. Until a vote is made, the seat remains empty.

3.5. The Council may remove a Board member from their duties by a vote, if it is supported by at least 50% + 1 Council members. Such a vote may also be proposed by the other members of the Board or the Secretary General.