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サンドボックスでの安全な実行を可能にするため、全ての関数は純粋である。また、すべての実装はメタデータで注釈され、暗号化された状態で署名することができる。エンドユーザーは、利用可能なハードウェアリソースやWeb of Trustの設定に応じて、各機能の実装を選択し、監査することができる。

Wikifunctions will allow easy access to large knowledge bases such as Wikidata, but also to binary input and output files. It is entirely possible to upload an image as an input file and return analysis results such as what is depicted on the image, or how many different colors the image has – or a different binary, e.g. in a different format. This will be made available to workflows on Wikimedia Commons.

Wikifunctions continues the tradition of moving more computation, which has usually happened on the command line or with apps by more computer savvy computer users, to the Web and democratize access to functionality that was not available before. At the same time, it will increase the productivity of developers everywhere as they can just use a large library of code instead of relying on properly copy and pasting answers from StackOverflow.

Unlike in Wikipedia, contributors will mostly create new implementations for a function instead of updating existing functions. The implementations can be automatically tested against the given tests, against each other, and further analyzed.

Implementations can be written in a number of different programming languages, and yet to be able to call functions implemented in other programming languages. The execution engine can smoothly (although not necessarily with the highest possible performance) operate in different languages. Although in most cases there is a large performance boost by composing functions within a single programming language, there is no requirement to do so. In many cases, the speed of development and the developer's time will be more valuable than the additional computer cycles spent in the execution engine.