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Thank you, Lindsay!

This week is the last week Lindsay Wardell will be working on Wikifunctions as a contractor from ThisDot. Her contributions to the code, particularly to the front end, can be seen everywhere. The discussions with her and insights we learned from her about Wikifunctions and how composition should work, about errors, about functional programming, and about the details of the functional model will have a lasting impact on the project. She very quickly developed a deep understanding and intuition of what the project could achieve, and was able to channel that understanding into creative solutions. It was a pleasure working with her. The whole team is sad to see Lindsay go.

We are very thankful to Lindsay for her contribution, and we congratulate her on her new role. Here are her own words.

“When I started working on this project back in March, I was fascinated with the goal and the ambition behind it. Providing a way for Wikipedia articles to be provided in any number of languages is exciting in its own right, but also providing a platform for people to interact with data and create their own functions spoke to me personally. I have enjoyed working so much on the Wikifunctions platform, and building the experience for users to create and utilize their own functions.

I have loved working with this team (and the Wikimedia Foundation in general). From day one, I was accepted as a member of the group, despite my official role as a consultant. The feeling of being welcome was so wonderful to feel. I have so much respect for each and every member of the Foundation that I got to work with, and I am very grateful that I got to interact with them on such an exciting project.

It was always a dream to get to work with the Wikimedia Foundation, and my experience was truly amazing. Once the dust settles around me, I fully intend on being a part of the community that is forming around Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions. I look forward to participating as a community member and contributor to the project.”

You can follow Lindsay on Twitter or listen to the Views on Vue podcast she is a host on. Again, congratulations to your new role, we know how excited you are about it, and we all wish you the best!