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View function designs and launch plan requirements

Today we want to share three artifacts we have been building on our way to Wikifunctions.

Early rough mockup of the edit function journey

Aishwarya, our designer, is currently working on the screen for viewing a function. Viewing and understanding a function will be one of our central experiences. It should invite the user to learn about the function, to use the function, and to contribute to it.

Here is a video exploring the design of the page. Note that this is an early exploration.

She created the following user flow chart. The chart captures what actions can be done from the view function page.

Wikifunctions flow chart for viewing a function

You can click on it to get a higher resolution image.

We also published a list of launch requirements for Wikifunctions. These will help us to not forget important steps as we get ready for launch and as development progresses. As it is easy to get too deep into the weeds of daily work, it is good to be able to step back and see what other tasks still need to be done.

Enjoy exploring the artifacts! As always, feedback is very welcome.

Development update
  • Phase η (covers the work of the actual Wikifunctions system) is still in progress
    • A lot of bugs have been fixed during the previous Fix-it week
  • In parallel, the team is also focus on building the user interface. The primary focus of the UX work is on things we expect most users to use.