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A demo video of Wikifunctions Beta

We are preparing a number of more substantial updates, which are still being worked on. Look forward to them in the coming weeks.

Demo of Wikifunctions Beta, creating the xor function

Ahead of that, this week we are presenting a six minute video. It shows the creation of a new function on Wikifunctions Beta, and thus demonstrates the current state of the Wikifunctions system implementation. For simplicity’s sake, I chose the exclusive or (XOR) function, a function that takes two Boolean arguments and returns whether one or the other argument (but not both) are true.

The video demonstrates

  1. the declaration of the function
  2. writing the four possible testers (since there are two arguments which can each have two possible values, there are four possible inputs, false/false, true/false, false/true, and true/true)
  3. approving the testers
  4. composing an implementation
  5. approving the implementation
  6. running the function

We'd love to hear from you thoughts about our current state, and improvements we might make to the workflow.

Staff editing[edit]

A few weeks ago we invited you to join the drafting of a policy for staff contributions. Some discussions and a first draft are available, and it would be great to see some further discussion on this topic.

Development updates as of October 14, 2022[edit]

We off-boarded four Google Fellows from the first cohort. Due to the departure of all Google fellows who used to work on the Performance workstream, we merged the remaining Performance workstream work under the Experience one.


  • Fixed more FE bugs
  • Completed Critical User Journeys oriented testing
  • Landed benchmark suite for orchestrator


  • Added execution strategy and which implementation was run to metadata
  • Arranged for presentation of these elements in metadata dialogs
  • Added a new orchestrator utility for adding metadata to ZWrapper’ed envelope

Natural Language Generation:

  • Finalized document for how UI can solicit grammaticality judgments/gather lexical data
  • Ongoing discussion and progress in refining the template language specification