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"The School of Athens" painted by Raphael (1483–1520), depicting Plato's Academy. The main image on Commons has multiple annotations, you might see those clicking on the image.

Academy is a portal started by CIS-A2K to document and share the program's learning, knowledge. This portal will contain a series of writings and other materials on different aspects of the program and the Wikimedia movement in general.


  • Document CIS-A2K's program knowledge and experience, specially in the India programs, and the programs we have conducted and directly supported.
  • Prepare documentation, commentaries and learning modules that might be beneficial for the Wikimedia movement.
  • Give a space to friendly debate/discussion space to Wikimedians.
  • Giving programmatic feedback on the different ongoing Wikimedia projects.



This particular portal's name is inspired by Platonic Academy, a study centre founded by Plato in c. 387 BC in Athens.

Task list

  • Naming convention preparation: how the subpages are named and grouped
  • Further explain: the scope of Academy, what is acceptable and what's not?
  • Clarify: Scope of involvement
  • Creation: Necessary templates


These entries are to be categorised and sorted.