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The list below includes the list of participating countries and the number of members recruited so far. To sign your name below, kindly copy this * ~~~ under your country of affiliation.


We are starting to organize a group of Wikimedia Community in Sudan. Ola.mahadi (talk) 08:28, 20 October 2019 (UTC)


Since the inception of this project in August 2016, two individuals known as country coordinators have been engaged. We have had at least 4 remote training sessions via skype/hangout, trainings include but not limited to intro to the movement, basic markup (wiki markup) texts, referencing and citation, etc. This is to establish knowledge of Wikip(m)edia to the participants and to imbibe the ability to recruit and extend further works in their country.

Country Coordinators' Report

Wikipedia activities in Tanzania was started 26 July 2016, during Mobile 360 Africa - GSMA event held at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) where Jack Rabah (Head of Strategic Partnerships - Middle East & Africa - Wikimedia Foundation), met with two individuals Antoni Mtavangu and Paul Mandele who were interested in Wikim(p)edia movements, that is when Jack Rabah suggested the initialization of a Wikipedia -Tanzania group. He further introduced the team to Mr. Felix Nartey and few others. Mr. Felix Nartey from Ghana has particularly facilitated trainings and suggested strategies on activating Wikim(p)edia volunteers in Tanzania. The idea was shared to the other Tanzanian people who were interested in volunteering in Wikip(m)edia movements, where until now in Tanzania there are at least thirty (30) members and until now at least five (5) meetups have been conducted for the purpose of imparting , creating awareness on Wikip(m)edia movements to the interested people, where by different topics such as Wikimedia, Wikipedia, account creations, citations and referencing, templates, sandbox, 5 pillars of Wikipedia, info boxes, categories and cheat sheet was discussed. In order for the Planning Tanzania Group to grow further, the following are the general problems or issues that have risen: -

  1. Wi-Fi / Mi-Fi Dongle(s)
  2. More Trainings (Events, Conferences, Out-Reaches)
  3. Official Meeting Space
  4. Official Identification(ID(s), seal)
  5. Camera(s)
  6. Personal Computer(s)
  7. Projector(s)


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