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Adiutor/Adapt to the local wiki/Localization documentation/Gadget-Adiutor-PMR.json

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This JSON file contains configuration data for the Adiutor tool's Page Move Request (PMR) process on your wiki. These settings allow you to customize the PMR reporting templates and notifications for page move requests.


  • noticeBoardTitle: Specifies the title of the noticeboard where page move requests are made.
  • addNewSection: Indicates whether to add a new section for each page move request (true or false).
  • sectionTitle: Sets the title format for sections. It includes a placeholder for $1 (page name).
  • appendText: Specifies whether to append text to the section (true) or prepend text (false).
  • prependText: Specifies whether to prepend text to the section (true) or append text (false).
  • sectionID: Indicates whether to use a section ID (true or false).
  • contentPattern: Defines the content pattern for the PMR report. It includes placeholders for $1 (page name), $2 (new page name), and $3 (rationale).
  • apiPostSummary: Summary text for creating a page move request. It includes a placeholder for $1 (page name).


You can utilize the parameters within this file, which include:
  • $1: page name
  • $2: new page name
  • $3: rationale


This file allows you to customize and manage the Page Move Request (PMR) process on your wiki using the Adiutor tool, tailoring it to your specific request criteria and workflow.
Please feel free to refer to this documentation when configuring the "Gadget-Adiutor-PMR.json" file on your wiki. If you have any further questions or need assistance with specific settings, don't hesitate to ask.