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Below is the list of various language Wikisource with the number of administrators or bureaucrats and the link to the page used to nominate/request/vote for adminship on each language version. See technical notes at the bottom of this page for further details.

Note that the majority of the Wikisources are listed from Complete list of Wikimedia projects.

Please update this page as time goes by. If the Wikisource on your language is missing, please feel free to add.

See also : Wikimedia projects overviews, Steward requests/Permissions.

Wikisource admins[edit]

  • unlike the other projects "mul" is not a third level wikisource subdomain, it indicates the multilingual wikisource at the second level domain and was formerly known as "oldwikisource".

Technical notes[edit]

The number of admins includes bureaucrats. For example, if a language-Wikipedia has one admin and one bureaucrat, it probably means that one user has both admin and bureaucrat privileges.

Similarly, developers are counted as admins.

The list of admins in a language-Wikipedia may or may not include bureaucrats and developers. If the list is titled "Special:Listadmins," the list is not inclusive.