Advocacy/Studying the Economic Value of Free Knowledge

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What's the economic value of things we never want to sell but everyone can use freely?

Wikimedia's and Wikipedia's economic impact have been a recurring topic of discussion. Having more information about how Wikimedia project content is reused and how it influences GDP or economic processes would help us evaluate the outcome of our work. It would also provide additional powerful evidence for the value of our projects.

Movement Discussions[edit]

  • Wikipedia's benefits to the world economy consist of at least "end-in-itself benefits" and "instrumental benefits"
  • Measuring Wikipedia's impact on the GDP would be great
  • Some areas of value to include in a full estimate:
    • PD surplus: the value of free no-strings-attached access to knowledge that is otherwise harder to find, costly to use, and impractical to remix
    • Refinement, specialization: the value of iterating on knowledge to make it simpler and clearer; but also more targeted or better translated: something that is much harder with author ownership than with a shared public resource.
    • Structured curation: the value of good sourced and curated summaries of knowledge
  • Part of this analysis would be tool that lets us measure reuse of content
    • CC has gathered numbers on this in the past; could talk to them about it?
    • could be interesting to look at
  • Include public domain but also open licensing/open data/open access

Related Studies[edit]

Wikimedia requested studies[edit]

  • Study on Contribution of PD and Open Licensing to the European Economy on the Example of the Film Industry, draft report due 16.02.2016

Possible actions[edit]

  • Wikimedia could commission a study
  • We could propose such studies to universities/PhD students
  • We could create tools to gather data that studies will be based on
  • We could work with other free/open groups to gather data that studies will be based on