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Background to the Derecognition of Wiki Education Brazil and Wikimedia Community User Group Brazil[edit]

The conflict between these two groups can be traced to personal conflicts in the Brazilian Wikimedia Community and especially unresolved issues during the implementation of the Brazil Catalyst Project, which aimed to develop initiatives to support the Wikimedia community in Brazil. Unfortunately, the parts involved carried on with mutual attacks and accusations, both online and offline, that were harming the Wikimedia brand and more importantly, the community in Brazil. Examples of the multiple incidents in this conflict are a dispute over the domain name, violations of interaction bans established by Support and Safety, attacks on their respective User Group’s Grant Request Talk Pages, harassment, verbal attacks on Wikimedia events, privacy violations and bringing up a conflict with a movement partner, all these after signing the Code of Conduct, demonstrating a complete disregard for it and for keeping a healthy environment in the Brazilian Wikimedia community.

Communicating Next Steps for the Brazil Communities[edit]

Anticipated Questions & Answers[edit]

Question Answer
What is happening? Based on long-standing conflict between the two user groups and related non-compliance with the code of conduct, which have been communicated to the user group leaders, the Wikimedia Foundation has terminated user group agreements with both affiliate groups in Brazil.
The perception that there was no advance notice regarding de-recognition Both groups went through a rigorous mediation process and were given ample warning in advance that derecognition was possible.
Did both groups have to be derecognized? Yes. Leaders of both UGs failed to prevent their personal conflicts from being dragged into a group conflict. Both contributed to the conflict, in different ways during the course of the issue escalations.
Who is eligible to apply for user group status? Any community members who are supported to who have not been directly involved in the conflicts leading up to the derecognition of the two groups. Specifically, any former affiliate members who were placed on interaction or other ban for concerns over conflict, or involved in the legal threats around the research conference, will not be eligible to lead any application for recognition for one year after the de-recognition.
Would the current community members be allowed to request grants through a different organization? Yes, so long as there are not open grants issues in the name of those members. Importantly, this depends on whether there are outstanding grants reports or issues associated with those user group members. Signatories on grants are not eligible for additional grant funds until those grant issues are resolved. This includes those members of the board and officers who served during the term of a grant in the case of legal entities, or the specific persons named in the agreement in the case of individual or non-entity awards.
Can we still use the Wikimedia names and trademark logos for community events? The existing community will not be recognized as a Wikimedia affiliate organization and will not have permission to use the “Wikimedia” wordmark, the Wikimedia logo, or any other Wikimedia trademarks beyond what is allowed under the trademark policy. Both formerly affiliated groups must cease using these marks in their name, in any domain names it has registered, on any websites it operates, and on any physical goods it produces or distributes. Both groups must take whatever steps necessary to change its name to ensure that names do not include “Wikimedia” or any other Wikimedia trademarks.
Can individuals from the de-recognized group apply for recognition as a new Wikimedia User Group? Yes. We encourage members of the de-recognized group to consider starting a Wikimedia User Group. However, if the members wishing to start a new group are former key contacts, board members , or community members having had disciplinary action against them during the course of the Brazil conflicts they will not be eligible to take part in the leadership of a new user group.
What is going to happen with the Brazilian community in general? The Brazilian community is much broader that the contributors involved in these two former User Groups. Many other Wikimedians can do wiki activities, organize themselves into affiliates, or apply for individual rapid grants.
Will the same happen to other groups, like ours? That risk is always present when there are long term conflicts and adequate progress has not been achieved by all sides involved. If you are concerned about conflicts within your user group or between your user group and others, we encourage you to contact the Affiliations Committee for advice and support, or the Trust and Safety team.

Open Question & Answer Forum[edit]

As it has proven difficult to find a viable time for all key stakeholders to meet together we have instead produced this page where the committee and staff liaisons may be responsive to questions beyond those anticipated on the talk page. If you have a question not answered above, please ask it on the talk page.