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AfLIA Preconference Wikidata workshop 2023

The AfLIA preconference Wikidata workshop 2023 is part of community engagement activities under the AfLIA Wikidata Project. AfLIA’s biennial conference attracts hundreds of library and information professionals and this will serve as an important networking and awareness creation platform for the Wikimedia movement

The workshop will focus on open knowledge practices and how they under-gird Wikimedia projects .The free preconference / workshop will share updates on the course in addition to introducing and promoting Wikidata to African Librarians.


The AfLIA preconference Wikidata workshop 2023 is an in-person event that will take place on Monday 22 May 2023 , 8AM - 4PM at Erata Hotel in Accra (your local time is here)

Time Activity Facilitator
0800 - 0830 Arrival and registration of participants AfLIA Team
0830 - 0845 Opening remarks AfLIA Team
0845 - 0900 Icebreakers , introductions and expectations for the day AfLIA Team
0900 - 1045 Introduction to Wikidata
  • Create user accounts and sign up to the Wikimedia Course Outreach Dashboard
  • Brief overview of Wikimedia Projects and Wikidata
  • Identifying content and gaps in Wikidata
WiRs, Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi
1045 - 1115 Break AfLIA Team
1115 -1215 Interacting with Wikidata
  • Anatomy of a Wikidata item
  • Creation of new items in Wikidata
  • Adding missing information in Wikidata / enhancing quality
  • Search and selection of topics to edit
AfLIA WiRs, Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi
1215 - 1300 QuickStatements for Wikidata Mohammed Sadat Abdulai
1300 - 1400 Lunch AfLIA Team
1400 - 1545 Edit-a-thon on selected topics AfLIA WiRs,Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi
1545 - 1600 Closing remarks and overview for the day AfLIA Team
1600 - 1620 Photo opportunity and farewell AfLIA Team

Audience and participation[edit]

The event is free of charge and open to signed up participants as well as librarians in Accra. If you are interested in joining this, please consider signing up on the dedicated Wikimedia Course Outreach dashboard (Link to dashboard)

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