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Africa Day Campaign in Nigeria 2023

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Africa Day Campaign in Nigeria 2023

The Africa Day Campaign in Nigeria 2023, within the Africa Wiki Challenge, seeks to promote Nigerian content on Wikimedia platforms and increase the visibility of Nigeria's cultural, historical, and contemporary contributions to the African continent and the world. The campaign's primary goal is to ensure that Nigeria's rich heritage and contemporary developments are accurately and comprehensively represented on Wikimedia platforms.

To achieve this goal, the Nigerian campaign will focus on encouraging Nigerians to contribute high-quality content to Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. This content can include articles, images, videos, and other media that showcase Nigeria's cultural diversity, history, natural resources, and contemporary achievements.

The Nigerian campaign will leverage the resources and expertise of the African Knowledge Initiative and the African Union libraries to ensure that the content created is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date. The campaign will also partner with relevant institutions such as universities, research centers, and cultural organizations to mobilize and train volunteers to contribute to Wikimedia projects.

This campaign will focus on contents on Nigerian Cuisines, Infrastructure in Nigeria, Tourism in Nigeria and Companies in Nigeria amongst others as it seeks to document Nigeria's stories and promote the benefits of free trade. These topics align with the broader campaign's goal of creating a better understanding of Africa and its people, culture, and heritage.

In general, the Africa Day Campaign in Nigeria 2023 aims to promote Nigerian contents on Wikimedia platforms, increase the visibility of Nigeria's cultural, historical, and contemporary contributions, and foster a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration among Nigerians.