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Africa Environment WikiFocus Celebrates Wangari Maathai Day

“No matter how dark the cloud, there is always a thin, silver lining, and that is what we must look for. The silver lining will come, if not to us then to next generation or the generation after that. And maybe with that generation the lining will no longer be thin.” ― Wangari Maathai, Unbowed: A Memoir


Recent News

    Last News

  • May, Tuesday 16th: Closing ceremony of Africa Environment Wikifocus 2023

    તારીખ: 16 મે 2023

    ક્યારે: 15:00 UTC (see your local time)

    Where: Zoom (Closed)

    Language: અંગ્રેજી - ફ્રેન્ચ

  • March, Wednesday 29th: Wikidata Session

    તારીખ: March, Wednesday 29th, 2023

    ક્યારે: 15:00 UTC (see your local time)

    Where: Zoom (Closed)

    Language: અંગ્રેજી

  • March, Tuesday 28th : Africa Environment Wikifocus Climate : mid-term meeting

    તારીખ: Tuesday, 28th March

    ક્યારે: 15:00 UTC (see your local time)

    Where: Zoom (Closed)

    Language: ફ્રેન્ચ. Translation: અંગ્રેજી

  • March, Tuesday 16th : Dashboard program training session

    તારીખ: Thursday, 16th March

    ક્યારે: 17:00 UTC

    Where: Zoom (Closed)

    Language: અંગ્રેજી. Translation: ફ્રેન્ચ, સ્પેનિશ, and અરબી


News Archive

  • March, Friday 10th : ‘’'Office Hour for Africa Environment WikiFocus

    Where: Zoom (Closed)

    તારીખ: શુક્રવાર, ૧૦ માર્ચ

    ક્યારે: 17:00 UTC

  • March 3rd : Special Launch Edition: Africa Environment WikiFocus

    Where: Register (Closed)

    તારીખ: શુક્રવાર, ૩ માર્ચ

    ક્યારે: 16:00 UTC (see your local time)

    Link: (Link to be shared upon registration!)

    Webinar Language: અંગ્રેજી


  • March 1st : Launch of the ISA drive *Tell Us About Her: Women on the Frontline Climate*

    ક્યારે: ૧ - ૩૧ માર્ચ

    Where: Join

  • Feb 23rd : Upcoming Office hour

    When: 15:00 UTC (see your local time)

    Where: Google Meet (Closed)

  • Feb 14th : Upcoming Office hour

    When: 16:00 UTC ($1)

    Where: Google Meet (Closed)

  • Feb 8th - 14th : Call for Jury team (closed)

    We are looking for experienced, available Wikimedian volunteers (African and Non African) to apply for joining the jury team for the project: Africa Environment Day / Wangari Maathai Day

  • Feb 4rd : Call for contribution is open: please apply (closed)

    Microgrants are offered to local African communities to participate in this initiative in March 2023. Applications should include an anticipated calendar of events, potential local partners, the team biographies, and detailed budget. Microgrants may be any amount between USD100 and USD1500. The grants will be reviewed and approved by a working group (facilitated by the WIA / WMCI team) and based on the quality of their proposition. Grantees will have to sign a contract (with documentation delivery milestones), key contact information, and provide bank details.

    Who can apply? We are expecting at least 11 user groups and volunteer communities to join the Africa Environment Drive using the microgrant system. Participating communities will be encouraged to host events that include some of the suggested activities on the Central Page, along with other special interest and/or support activities.