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How can I get involved?[edit]

The Africa Knowledge Initiative is divided into two parts; the campaign and the training.

You can get involved by participating in the campaigns around the 3 highlighted African Union holidays:

You can also get involved by participating in the training sessions to come.

Note that you can participate as an individual, an organized group/institution, a user group or an affiliate.

Why should I participate?[edit]

For decades, Africa's stories have mostly been told by majority of those who are not Africans. This alone has put Africa in a position where it has been misrepresented, and caused under-representation of Africa on the internet and media spaces. The danger of this misrepresentation has not only affected the geography, culture, tradition and heritage of Africa for instance, it has also negatively affected the African people, directly and indirectly!

Africans are the ideal front-liners when it comes to telling the African stories to the world, leveraging technology through this partnership between Wikimedia Foundation, Africa No Filter (ANF) and African Union (AU).

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