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African Women In Education is aimed to provide a comprehensive and inclusive space dedicated solely to celebrating the wisdom and intellectual prowess of African women in the field of education. Our project acts as a catalyst for change, igniting a global movement to recognize, honor, and elevate these extraordinary women by showcasing their powerful words. This project is targeted at training new and existing Wikimedian editors to bridge the gap about the notable quotes from African Women educators on wikiquote.


Quote by Anna Duba

African Women Educationists have long been inspirational figures in championing the cause of girl education in Africa.There exists numerous notable and remarkable quotes from African Women that specializes in the field of Education ranging from African Women that are primary and secondary school teachers, principals, lecturers, educational counsellors, rectors and vice chancellors.These notable and remarkable quotes from this African Women educationist has helped to break the barriers across Africa to enable young girls reach their full academic potential as girl education is a vital way of transforming lives, not just for the girl herself but for her family and the community too and the world at large.These inspiring quotes from African Women educators have not been fully and properly documented on wikiquote. Through this project we hope to engage and train individuals,new and existing Wikimedian editors on how to effectively create and improve Wikiquote articles, documenting this powerful and inspiring quotes of these prominent African Women educators to ensure that their quotes are appropriately acknowledged,preserved and documented as this will immensely bridge the content gap about the notable and remarkable quotes from African Women educators, giving the world access to the notable and remarkable quotes from African Women educators that often go unheard.


  • Creating awareness about Wikiquote as one of Wikimedia sister projects.
  • To train participants on editing, articles creation rules, adding quotes and other .
  • To organize events, to recruit new editors to get involved and encourage continuity by involving old members.

Organizing team[edit]

Ebubechukwu1 project lead

Dammy Kaka Co-facilitator

Ayodelerance Communication and logistics


Sign up as a participant here. First step is to create an account, if you don't have one click here Join the outreach dashboard to enable proper tracking of your contributions. Here is the link to the dashboard To add your name, edit this section and type '# Alero123~ ~ ~ ~' below without spacing them.

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Event details[edit]

Physical events[edit]

24th of June, 2023 at Ibuoye International hotel and suites, Ojo, Lagos.

Writing Contest

The Edit-a-thon contest starts June 1st till the end of june 2023.


Please Note that prizes will be awarded to participants in form of Shopping Vouchers

Prizes for top participants[edit]

  • 1st prize 15,000 NGN
  • 2nd prize 10,000 NGN
  • 3rd prize 8,000 NGN
  • 4th prize 8,000 NGN
  • Highest contribution by a new editor 5,000 NGN

Winners will be contacted via their email that they registered with for the contest.