All the world's a wiki

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A "wikified" version of William Shakespeare's "All the world's a stage".

All the world's a wiki,
And all the men and women merely editors:
They perform their edits and their reverts;
And one user in his time edits many pages,
His progression being seven levels. At first the newbie,
Mixing braces with brackets and adding info unsourc'd.
And then, the new editor; with his # REDIRECT
And shining warning templates, creeping like a snail
Unwillingly about help pages. And then the user,
Sighing at the trolls, and with woeful complaints
Telling vandals to behave. Then a frequent user,
Full of strange parser-functions and {{R from navcat}}s,
Jealous of his articles, sudden and quick to revert,
seeking a higher editcount and reputation
Even in the 3RR's shadow. And then the sysop,
In fair mopp'd power and blocking button shined,
With eyes severe and deletion button at hand,
full of wise suggestions and stern warnings;
And so he administrates his part. The sixth level shifts
Into the long and backlogg'd categories,
With mop on one arm and bucket on t'other,
His youthful wanderings, well logged, given no heed:
Now he worketh hard, and his big impressive opinion,
Hardly questioned and given merit, traverses
ArbCom and settles arguments. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange oft-changing history,
Is 'Cratship and near exhaustion,
Sans time, sans energy, sans wit, sans everything.