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Amical Wikimedia/April 2012

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The Value of Free Knowledge, conference at the CCCB in Barcelona.
Kippelboy at the meeting of the American Association of Museums (Minnesota)


  • April 5. Job opening for GLAM-WIKI Project Manager is posted. Goma
  • April 5. Preparatory meeting for the ICUB Wikiproject (link in Catalan). Kippelboy
  • April 11. Wikipedia workshop for the Publications Department of the wikipedia:en:Barcelona_Museum_of_Contemporary_Art Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). Kippelboy
  • April 11. Follow-up meeting with managers of the Design Hub Barcelona (DHUB). Kippelboy
  • April 12. Guided tour of the Mataró Museum's permanent exhibit, which combines augmented reality with interactive Wikipedia access. Kippelboy
  • April 17. Wikipedia Workshop in the town of Vilanova i la Geltrú. Kippelboy & Barcelona
  • April 19. Interview about the GLAMWIKI project for Quadern magazine. Kippelboy
  • April 19. Wikipedia Workshop at Pompeu Fabra University, under the Viquiprojecte Museus (Museums Wikiproject). Kippelboy
  • April 24. Wikipedia workshop for the employees of the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture (CCCB). Kippelboy
  • April 25. The Value of Free Knowledge Conference held at the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture (CCCB). In the morning, an editing workshop was given by the Wikipedians Kippelboy, Pallares, Barcelona and Dvdgmz. In the afternoon, the documentary Truth in Numbers: Everything According to Wikipedia was screened, followed by a discussion with Joaquin Rodriguez, Luis Ángel Fernández Hermana, Vincent Puig (FR), moderated by Karma Peiró. See the note
  • April 27. Meeting with the Library Division of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Kippelboy
  • April 27. First meeting of the Viquiprojecte GRACMON. Kippelboy
  • April 29. Kippelboy (GLAM-WIKI Ambassador) travels to Minnesota to attend the annual meeting of the American Association of Museums and explain the Catalan experience insofar as collaboration between the museums and the Wikipedia.


  • The Wikimedia Foundation approves a resolution enabling new membership models, which allows the possible recognition of Wikimedia CAT as an official organization within the Wikimedia movement.
  • Amical wins this year's Pompeu Fabra Award for Communication and New Technologies "for its relentless work for the consolidation and growth of Wikipedia in Catalan, which has resulted in the Catalan version of this open encyclopedia's ranking among the most prestigious and it's being comparable to, and in some respects better, than the versions in some of the major world languages." See the note in Catalan.

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