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Amical Wikimedia/April 2013

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Espai 13 edit-a-thon
Yoga during Fundació Miró's edit-a-thon
  • 1 April: GLAM-WIKI workshop at Basque Country cultural institutions. Kippelboy
  • 3 April: Meeting with Servei de Biblioteques de Catalunya to prepare GLAMWIKI UK.
  • 6 April: Josep M. Corredor edit-a-thon at Biblioteca Salvador Allende, Girona. Arnaugir
  • 8 April: Workshop for Museu d'Història de Catalunya (Catalan Museum of History) workers. Kippelboy and Galazan
  • 8 April: Meeting with Director del Museu de la Música de Barcelona (Barcelona's Music Museum) to explore possible collaborations. Kippelboy
  • 11-13 April: Participation at GLAMWIKI UK in British Library with 1 talk and 1 panel 1. Kippelboy
  • 12-13 April: 35-hour-long edit-a-thon at Fundació Joan Miró.
  • 15 April: Meeting with working group of Servei de Biblioteques de Catalunya (Libraries of Catalonia) to prepare 2013 program.Kippelboy
  • 16 April: ICUB wikiproject. Viquipèdia talk at Centre Cultural el Born (El Born Cultural Center).Kippelboy
  • 16 April: Viquipèdia talk at Biblioteca de Collserola (Collserola Library).Kippelboy
  • 19 April: Meeting with Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya (Catalan National Archive) director. Starting wikiproject ANC.Kippelboy
  • 24 April: Meeting with DHUB to prepare year 2013-2014.Kippelboy
  • 29 April: Meeting with Fundació Suñol to seek for collaboration projects.Kippelboy
  • 29 April: Meeting with Diputació de Barcelona to prepare wiki workshops for municipal workers of visual arts.Kippelboy
  • Weekly. Wikipedia editing meetings at Girona's Museum of art.


  • Whole month. Second phase of project Viquimodernisme (Wikimodernism). Kippelboy i ESM. Collaborating with GRACMON-Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Whole month: wikiArS
  • 3 April: Meeting in Lleida with Departament d'Història Medieval de la Universitat de Lleida. Kippelboy i ESM
  • 16 April: Meeting with Carles Mancho, IRCUM director, Instituts d'Estudis Medievals de la Universitat de Barcelona.Kippelboy
  • 26 April: Viquipèdia workshop and free knowledge creation in Apps and heritage course at Universitat de Barcelona.
  • 30 April: Students in practice in Philology at University of Barcelona. Barcelona
  • wikiArS
    • 1 April. Dvdgmz starts working with IEG Consolidate wikiArS to involve art schools
    • 8 April. Meeting with director and professor of art school Pau Gargallo (Badalona) Dvdgmz
    • 9 April. Meeting with Xavier Hernández, historian. Galazan i Dvdgmz
    • 10 April. Talk about wikiArS to students of 2nd of Illustration at art school of Manresa together with Fidel Grandia. Three students start their practice work at Amical. Dvdgmz
    • 13 April. Small talks about Commons and WikiArS at edit-a-thon at Fundació Miró. Dvdgmz
    • 22 April: Meeting at Institut Jaume Almera (CSIC)
    • 22 April: Meeting at Universitat de Barcelona with Angels Canals.
    • 22 April: Meeting at Escola d'Art del Treball (Barcelona). Dvdgmz

Open data[edit]



  • 1 April. Micru starts together with Aubrey his work in IEG
  • 5 April: Meeting with Institut Català de la Dona (Catalan Women Institute).Kippelboy
  • 9 April: Viquipèdia talk at Centre d'Estudis Parlamentaris del Parlament de Catalunya.Kippelboy
  • 18-21 April: Attending Wikimedia Conference 2013 in Milano. Arnaugir and Gomà
  • 23 April: Meeting with popular culture responsible at Ajuntament de Barcelona.Kippelboy
  • 25 April: Presentation of Auditoria 1714 results at Ajuntament de Barcelona.Kippelboy
  • 29 April: Meeting with FundacióPuntCat's director. Kippelboy and Gomà