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Amical Wikimedia/April 2015

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April 2015
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of April 2015


Sant Jordi statue
A comic stand at the 33rd Barcelona International Comics Convention

2 online writing challenges on literature and comics
From Amical Wikimedia we want that the sum of all human knowledge is freely available online and in Catalan, and all that all knowledge about Catalan culture is available to everybody in any language. Sant Jordi (Catalan naming from Saint George) is the festival of books and roses in Catalonia. Sant Jordi is also the name of a wide known Catalan literature award. This we wanted to celebrate and share the literary spirit of April 23 so we organized a contest where volunteers had to translate articles on biographies of the recent 14 winners of this award. We choose 14 as the years of Catalan Wikipedia. People coud translate into any language. The three winners received a set of 10 books, five books and 3 respectively. We think it is an exciting way to discover and disseminate the authors publishing their articles in Wikipedia and then enjoying their books.

On the occasion of the 33rd edition of the Barcelona International Comics Convention, which took place between the 16th and 19th of April, Amical Wikimedia organized its second comic contest, aimed to repeat the success of the previous year, in which several new articles about comics were created and pictures of the fair uploaded in Commons. The three winners received a set of comics in Catalan. Besides the goal of increasing the number of articles about comics in the Catalan wikipedia, it is also very important for the future to keep contact with Ficomic in order to assure the presence of Amical Wikimedia at the fair. More than 100.000 people yearly visit the Barcelona Comic Con, mainly young public. To assure our presence in the fair will give us a huge potential of getting new users.

Local librarians, who organized the event, being interviewed by Diari d'Andorra

First Ever editathon in Andorra
On April 11th the first ever edit-a-thon in Andorra was held in the National Library of the country. It was co-organized by Amical Wikimedia, the Public Library of the Andorra Government, and the National Library of Andorra. The goal of the event was to expand and improve the article on Esteve Albert, a writer, historian and culture promoter who has a strong relationship with the country; also, other related articles were created or improved, and the article was translated into Spanish. It is also worth mentioning that Albert's heirs provided Wikimedia Commons with two pictures of their father which have been added to the article.

The local newspaper Diari d'Andorra published a news item the next day covering the event.


Our Libraries project shared in L'Alguero, a catalan-speaking village of Italy.
A conference onf the future of public libraries took place on April 18 at Alguero's Mediterranian Library Mediterranean. Espai Llull convened a series of professionals to present their ideas about the present and the future of library facilities and on strategies to promote better understanding. Carme Fenoll, head of Catalan public library network, explained the success story of the Catalan library system, which this year celebrates its centenary celebrating the Year of the libraries. Àlex Hinojo, from Amical, presented Wikipedia as an excellent tool for disseminating knowledge from a collaborative basis. Watching Alghero Wikipedia entry, Hinojo exposed the impact of Wikipedia and encouraged the participants of the conference to join as volunteers in this worldwide project, highlighting the existing oportunity to minority languages. Finally, he presented the ongoing collaborative project with Catalan public libraries. The large audience that filled the auditorium also had some time to address questions to the guests and to offer their thoughts, all aimed at strengthening the role of libraries in society.

Lleida Historical Archive

We started with museums, we moved to libraries...and now is Archives time!
Amical Wikimedia has reached an agreement with the Catalan Association of Archivists to schedule some GLAMwiki workshops in all Catalonia's 4 provinces (Barcelona, Girona, Lleida & Tarragona). The idea is to reproduce the success story that we are experiencing with public libraries but with Archivists sector, doing 4 hours workshops where we explain What is Wikipedia, how to edit, how to get information from it (stats), how to use it to disseminate the knowledge of a cultural institution and how to organize events. We also talk about Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. We are really looking forward to this new collaboration project, as the A is one of the smallests letters of our GLAMwiki programme.

Ongoing programmes & projects[edit]

Here you have a list of all the ongoing programs/projects that Amical is promoting during 2015.




Here you have a list of all the educational projects Amical is actually promoting, sorted by University

Other educational centers[edit]




  • April 7: Wikipedia workshop for Esparreguera local librarians. Kippelboy
  • April 7: Wikipedia workshop for Cervelló local librarians. Kippelboy
  • April 10-12: Attendance to GLAMwiki Netherlands, Den Haag. Kippelboy
  • April 11: Andorra First Ever edit-a-thon. ArnaugirLaura.Girona
  • April 13: La Selva county librarians editathons. (managed directly by local librarians) Laura.Girona Jordi.Gran
  • April 15: Wikipedia workshop for La Vall de Boí cultural agents. Kippelboy
  • April 15: Edit-a-thon dedicated to Ovidi Montllor in Barcelona and Alcoi (Valencia). Pacopac, Coentor, Martorell, Jove
  • April 17: Kick off of the local-GLAM wikiproject Xavier Badia graphical fund with citizens sqKm-itinerarium. Activity at Salvador Espriu High School (Poblenou, Barcelona). Dvdgmz&Mònica Garriga
  • April 18: Conference on Wikipedia and Catalan Libraries case study at Alguero (Italy). Kippelboy
  • April 24: Esparraguera local content edit-a-thon (managed directly by local librarians)
  • April 26: Opening of the new literature Qrpedia Route at Castellar del Vallès
  • April 29: Wikipedia workshop for Tarragona local librarians. Lluis_tgn
  • April 17: Meeting with CSIC, CORE-UAB and Museu de Gavà to valuate and analize six first months of Arqueopèdia project and organize next steps. Vàngelis Villar Alibey
  • April 29: Meeting with Tarragona Public Library director and more staff to talk about on-going wikiproject. Lluis_tgn


  • April 8: Wikipedia and free knwoledge talk in Pons d'Icart secondary school. Lluis_tgn
  • April 13: Viquiclàssics new edition of the course kick off at Autonomous University of Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • From April 7 to 21: exhibition "wikiArS, the contribution of art&design schools to Wikipedia" at Esparraguera Library
  • From April 17 to May 10: exhibition "wikiArS, the contribution of art&design schools to Wikipedia" at Vilassar de Mar Library
  • From April 30 to May 24: exhibition "wikiArS, the contribution of art&design schools to Wikipedia" at Olesa de Montserrat Library



  • April 8: Wikipedia workshop in Barcelona. Davidpar
  • April 17: participation in a panel about Catalan language & youth, organized by CNL Esparraguera. Arnaugir
  • April XX: Wiki Loves Earth 2015 preparation meeting with Catalan Government. Kippelboy
The youth of Amical Wikimedia
New book scanner for Amical Wikimedia.


  • April 2: Meeting with Kacie Harold of Wikimedia Foundation for talking about Online writing contests. Kippelboy
  • April 12: Montage of The Archivist book scanner for boosting Catalan Wikisource. KRLS, ESM, Lluis_tgn

Media coverage[edit]

Global Metrics[edit]

Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
2 GLAM Andorra First ever Edit-a-thon 8 2 7 3 3 23K English Report
2 GLAM WikiLibraries project conference in L'Alguero, Italy 35 English Report
2 GLAM Archives Wikiproject 3 New specific portal page for archivists
2 GLAM Wikipedia workshop for Esparreguera local librarians 12 8 13
2 GLAM La Selva county librarians editathon 7 3 13 9 17
2 GLAM Wikipedia workshop for La Vall de Boí cultural agents 8
2 GLAM QRpedia Route in Castellar del Vallès municipality 9 6 15 25 17
2 GLAM Wikipedia workshop for Tarragona local librarians 8 2 9
3 EDU Wikipedia and free knwoledge talk in Pons d'Icart secondary school 25
3 EDU 3 WikiArs Exhibit in different public libraries
4 COMM Saint George Wikiproject 13 0 15 169 181 English Report
4 COMM Catalan Comic Conference Wikiproject 8 0 10 35 84 365K English Report
4 COMM Double Edit-a-thon dedicated to Ovidi Montllor in Barcelona & Alcoi 9 10 5 5
Total (estimated) 74 21 163 246 307 388K

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